Here at Rich Communications International, through our products, seminars, and special events, we will defend, rescue and unconditionally love all those who have been hurt, or are currently experiencing emotional and spiritual agony through organized religion. We are about re-introducing an all-loving Father in Heaven where the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit is at work and free from the grip of man’s corrupt traditions.

What causes organized religion to become corrupt? When the inner workings of the organization are infested with man made rules, dictator style of leadership, and a divisive spirit that keeps God’s people trapped in a system that never allows for the Holy Spirit to freely flow. The leaders of these churches determine how your walk with the Holy Spirit transpires based upon their corrupt methods. The result is always the same, innocent people becoming emotionally and spiritually wounded while being misled into believing they were serving the Lord. They were following man based traditions instead of the leading of the Holy Spirit.

It is our firm belief that organized religion is the worst thing to happen to the body of Christ since the first church was established by the Apostle Peter in the beginning chapters of the Book of the Acts. It has caused divisions, strife, hatred and deception, resulting in the very opposite message that Jesus taught his followers to abide by – unconditinal love.